Mrs. Hampton is a dynamic Public Speaker with a wealth of Leadership Development Skills. Her Community Outreach reaches out to the community through Shelia Hampton Ministries. This has developed The Christian Women Intertwining Network. A women's confidential support group with a mission to uplift, encourage, and empower women in all areas of their lives. Additionally, this network mentors and counsels while teaching excellence, positive thinking, self-esteem, healthy living, and sisterhood while raising social awareness in problem areas by enhancing social health through education and economic independence. 


The Ministry does Strategic Planning events yearly Women's Retreats, Couple Retreats, Team Building, Mentoring and Coaching. Shelia Hampton Ministries also is available to handle all of your Event Planning needs.


"YES YOU CAN" - Self Esteem Workshop

You don't have to stay in that place of uncertainty and discomfort. Get the adhesive that only God can apply to you to repair the cracks that keep opening up in your life, breaking and shattering your world and scattering your thoughts.


"TEA GATHERINGS" - Self Esteem Conference

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