Mrs. Hampton is a true native of Washington DC who enjoys doing God's work to accomplish extraordinary endeavors that will bless lives. Shelia has an anointed direction from God to assist others with their life struggles. As a Deacon of Ministry at The Ark of Safety Christian Church, she seeks to help others by empowering them through God's word to accept daily challenges as inevitable but winnable, through His wisdom. 

She is the Founder/CEO of Shelia Hampton Ministries and the proud founder of Christian Women Intertwining Network (WIN), a women's confidential support group with a mission to uplift, encourage, and empower women in all areas of their lives.  Additionally, this network mentors and counsels while teaching excellence, positive thinking, self-esteem, healthy living, and sisterhood while raising social awareness in problem areas by enhancing social health through education and economic independence.  

Mrs. Hampton, has been an educational advocate and mentor for over 30 years. Shelia was the Founder/CEO of Righteous Corner Learning Center (RCLC) 2003-2009. She was awarded an (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise Award in 2008 and was placed in the Top 100 Businesses in DC, MD, and VA.

Shelia has purposed Diamonds' Everlasting Foot Prints. To empower animal lovers, who have lost their pets to death, to find peace during their storm by sharing Diamond's Story. Helping animal-lovers maneuver through the grief process to find tranquility after the loss of their beloved pets is the specific goal of my book. Mrs. Hampton asserts that, "through proper adaptations, adjustments, strategies, and steps, they can become "whole again" because with God--all things are possible to those who believe.

Shelia Hampton, the author of Broken and Scattered into Pieces but Made Whole Again, 2009, loves being an entrepreneur, poet, inspirational and motivational speaker, life coach, event planner, volunteer, and mentor. She is a loving wife, mother of two beautiful children, a gracious grandmother, a fun-loving foster parent to many, and a deacon at her church. She has received an array of awards that demonstrate her worthiness of her achievements and growth. 

Her Motto is, "When God Speaks, I Listen. The word of God, in John 14:1-3 (KJV) says, "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me." Therefore, when we lose someone or something, we can be comforted once we give the problem to Him. He will give us the wisdom to move on with our lives.

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